In 1988 there was huge requirement for junior cricket gears when all major brands where concentrating on senior cricket equipment’s. The Pavilion being a promoter of game of cricket came up with an idea to fill up this vacuum. The ‘Legend’ brand was then launched to meet the requirement of budding young cricketers. This move turned out be a block buster where youngster could get the right gear for the game without compromising on protection and quantity.

Over the years the brand has grown exponentially covering large number of cricket items. Unlike other brands Legend products have been priced economically keeping quality standard in mind. For example Legend helmets is manufactured in the same factory where all major brands make their helmet. In comparison the price of the helmet is lowest. Similarly legend cricket balls is approved by TNCA as per quality standard and price the least. Legend cricket clothing and Legend cricket kit bags are world famous and can be seen all coaching camps. Legend categories includes cricket bats, cricket ball, cricket helmets, cricket gloves, cricket legguards, cricket protective gears, cricket stumps, caps, umpire hats, cricket whites, supporters and much more.


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