Butterfly is one of the world leaders in Table Tennis products. Butterfly does research and development to enhance the game of Table Tennis. In this guide we are going to have a look on different terminologies used in TT Rubber and TT Ply.  We have also explained the different types of handles used in TT Bat. Based on this information you will be able to choose the right kind of rubber, ply and handle.

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Let’s start with knowing about different types of rubbers.

In rubbers, one needs to know about Inverted rubbers, Long Pips (without sponge), Long Pips (with sponge) and Short Pips.

Inverted Rubber:

Inverted rubber ping pong paddle is best suited for putting spin on a ball due to its breadth of contact surface with a ball.

Long Pips (Without Sponge):

Long pips will serve a ball with unexpected spin due to the various movements of pimples in hitting a ball.

Long Pips (With Sponge):

Long pips with sponge is light and easy to handle. It doesn’t have much elasticity, so you can shut the power of explosive Top-spin balls down.

Short Pips-Out Rubber:

Short pips out rubber is not easily affected by the opponent’s spin due to its narrowness of contact surface with a ball. It will knock a ball away.

Buttterfly has different types of ply based on user needs. Read below to understand the difference between Arylate, Arylate Carbon, Super ZL Carbon, Tamca 5000 Carbon, ZL Carbon and ZL Fiber.


Arylate provides shock absorption for the blade. Lightness is a major characteristic with 75% being carbon fibre.

Arylate Carbon:

Arylate carbon is a special material created with a woven combination of Arylate and carbon. Blades using Arylate-Carbon have power, speed and control.

Super ZL Carbon: 

Super ZL carbon has gone beyond the present fibrous materials and stepped forward into the new territory. The remarkable reaction and control provided by the expanded high-reaction area has taken the blade to the next stage. Super ZL-Carbon is an evolved new material Butterfly introduces to the world with confidence.

TAMCA 5000 Carbon:

Tamca 5000 carbon is strong and light; six times stronger and one fifth in weight compared with iron and steel. Blades using TAMCA 5000 are light and strong with high elasticity and enable high performance.

ZL Carbon: 

ZL carbon is a woven combination of carbon fibre and ZL fibre carbon fibre has a high reaction level and the ZL Fibre provides strength, elasticity, and lightness. ZL Carbon, the super fibre, gives the blade a high level of performance.

ZL Fiber: 

ZL fiber has a detailed molecular configuration that is strong and elastic. Its ratio is 10% lower than carbon fibre, thus making the blade both light and with a high performance level.

The handle conventions change for different brands. However largely with the below definition of handles, you will be able to buy the right set of handles based on your needs.

Anatomic Handle:

Anatomic grip is shaped to fit perfectly in one’s palm. Recommended for larger hands. It seems relatively thick and allows a firm grip.

Flared Handle:

The flared grip prevents the blade from slipping. It lies firmly in one’s palm, yet it is relatively flexible.

Straight Handle:

The straight handle supports every blade grip with emphasis on an active use of the wrist.

Pen Hold Grip:

Pen-hold style grips are suited best for the sole use of one side of the blade. Their focus lies mainly on a wide variation of different wrist techniques.

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