In this cricket ball guide page you will understand the difference between different types of ball, what are they made up of and dimensions they come in.

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Cricket balls are divided based on the material they are made of. They are Cork Cricket ball (Leather) and Tennis Cricket ball. Based on the usage of cricket players and cost, they go for either Leather cricket ball or Tennis cricket ball.

Cork cricket ball also known as Leather cricket ball. Cork cricket ball (Leather) is used in professional cricket game. There are three types of leather cricket ball (cork).

  • Red cork cricket ball (Leather).
  • White cork cricket ball (Leather).
  • Pink cork cricket ball (Leather).

Red Leather cricket ball is used in multi day games. We use red ball because of the white dress worn by players. The ball will highlight in the white background. Red cork cricket ball (Leather) is used in cricket test matches.

White Leather cricket ball is used in limited over games where players wear colored cricket kits. Here red ball won’t be visible due to colored clothing and hence we require white ball. White cork cricket ball (Leather) is used in cricket ODI matches and T20 matches.

Pink Leather cricket ball is used to play day-night multi day games. Pink cork cricket ball (Leather) is used for improved night visibility.

Tennis cricket ball is also known as Tape cricket ball. Tennis ball cricket is used for street cricket and beginner level cricket. Cricket Tennis ball is of two types.

Cricket Cork balls are generally made with three distinct materials: cork, string, and leather.

Cork- Cork is the core of the cricket ball. Cork is in the center of the cricket ball.

String- The core is then wrapped tightly many times with string to reinforce it.

Leather- The cork and string interior are then encased in leather. Leather is usually dyed either red or white.

Leather cricket ball may be two pieces or four pieces. Depending on the level of cricket being played, the leather case may be in two pieces or in four pieces. Regardless of whether it is a two-piece or four-piece cricket ball, two leather 'hemispheres' will be joined at the ball's 'equator' by a series of stitched string seams, the center seam of which is slightly raised. Cricket ball composition is often spoken about in terms of 2-piece or 4-piece construction. A cricket ball with four quarters of hide stitched together is called a 4-piece. This will provide a longer life for the cricket ball. 4-piece construction balls are used for competitive matches, whereas the less hardy 2-piece construction cricket balls are designed for training.

Weight and Circumference of cricket ball differ based on the gender and age of the cricket player.

Men’s cricket

Cricket ball Weight: from 5 1/2 ounces (155.9 g) to 5 3/4 ounces (163 g)

Cricket ball Circumference: from 8.81 in (22.4 cm) to 9 in (22.9cm)

Women's cricket

Cricket ball Weight: from 4.94 ounces (140 g) to 5.31 ounces (151 g)

Cricket ball Circumference: from 8.25 in (21.0 cm) to 8.88 in (22.5 cm)

Junior cricket

Cricket ball Weight: from 4.69 ounces (133 g) to 5.06 ounces (143 g)

Cricket ball Circumference: from 8.06 in (20.5 cm) to 81.69 in (22.0cm)

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