Clear all your questions about different protective gears used in cricket and their features from our cricket protective gear guide. This page deals with in depth detail of helmet, face protector and other pads used for protection in the game of cricket.

Cricket Protective gears help the cricket players from serious injuries. These protective kits are used by cricket batsman and protects them from the high speed cricket balls. Each body part has their own protective equipments. Each and every protective kit plays a vital role during cricket match. 

Cricket helmets plays a vital role in saving a cricket player from serious head injuries. Cricket helmets are compulsory for all junior players under 18. During batting, fielding within 15 yards of the bat and while standing up to the stumps as a wicket keeper, cricket helmets are used by cricket players.

Cricket helmet comes in various sizes including boys size cricket helmet, extra small size cricket helmet, small size cricket helmet, medium size cricket helmet, large size cricket helmet, extra large size cricket helmet, adjustable junior cricket helmet and adjustable senior cricket helmet.

Cricket helmet are made up of different features such as

  • Shell of cricket helmet
  • Chin strap of cricket helmet
  • Grill of cricket helmet

Shell of cricket helmets are designed to offer maximum impact protection and shock absorption to the majority of a cricket batsman's head. The shell ensures that the batsman receives the protection required. The outer layer acts as an initial shield spreading the force of the impact over a greater surface area to minimize the effects. Secondary inner materials are then designed to absorb the force spread by the outer shell. Outer Shell is either made of cloth or polymer.

Grill is made of metal. The use of a grill in association with a cricket helmet, offers the wearer a large degree of protection. Grill provides improved visibility and better ventilation. Grill comes in different material coated, steel and Titanium. Titanium grills are the lightest and strongest. Hence they are expensive compared to other two.

Chin strap ensures that your cricket helmet stays securely in place and don't push the grill into your face. The chin strap works in conjunction with the padding in the cricket helmet to ensure an ideal fit. A chin guard allows the chin strap to be comfortably secured against the chin.

Various brands that offer different helmets based on size and quality are

  • RNS Cricket Helmet
  • SS Cricket Helmet
  • SG Cricket Helmet
  • Masuri Cricket Helmet
  • Legend Cricket Helmet
  • Forma Cricket Helmet
  • Shrey Cricket Helmet
  • GN Cricket Helmet and many more

Face Protector is designed specifically for wicket Keepers and close fielders who have high chance of injury from cricket ball. Cricket face protector provides the vision and protective needs of a keeper or fielder. In recent times players like Dinesh Karthik have used this faceguard which helps boost players confidence.

Sportskhel provides authorized face protector in Men size.

Cricket guards and cricket pads play a vital role in saving a cricket player from serious injuries from cricket balls. Each body part is protected by specific protective equipment.

Cricket guards/cricket pads include Thigh pad, Inner Thigh pad, Chest guard, Abdomen guard, Shin guard and Elbow guard.

  • Cricket Thigh pads are used over thigh region of the cricket Batsman. Thigh guard protects the batsman from serious injuries over thigh region. Cricket Thigh pads come in two different materials which includes Fabric thigh pads and moulded thigh pads.
    • Cricket Thigh Guard comes in various sizes including Small boys size thigh guards, Boys size thigh guards, Youth size thigh guards, Men size thigh guards and Men Large size thigh guards.
    • Some of the makers of thigh guard are GN thigh pads, Kookaburra thigh pads, Legend Thigh pads, RNS thigh pads, SG thigh pads and SS thigh pads.
  • Cricket Inner Thigh pads are used on the other leg of where the thigh pad is used. That is why they are called inner thigh pad as it is used in the second leg (Inner leg). For a right hand batsman thigh guard will be worn on left leg whereas inner thigh guard will be worn on right leg. Inner Thigh guard protects the batsman from serious injuries caused by cricket ball. Cricket Inner Thigh pads come in two different materials which includes Fabric inner thigh pads and Moulded inner thigh pads.
    • Sportskhel provides cricket Inner Thigh guards in Men size from authorized brands such as SS inner thigh pads and SG inner thigh pads.
  • Cricket Chest Guards are used over the chest region of the cricket batsman. Chest guard protects the chest ribs from the impact of cricket balls. Cricket chest guard comes in two different materials which includes Fabric chest guard and Moulded chest guard.
    • Cricket chest guard comes in various sizes including Boys size chest guard, Youth size chest guard and Men size chest guard.
  • Cricket Shin guardsprotects the shin region of the leg. Cricket shin guards comes in two materials which includes Cloth shin guards and Moulded shin guards.
    • Sportskhel provides cricket shin guard from authorized brands such as SS shin guard and SG shin guard.
  • Cricket Elbow guardsprotects the elbow region of the hand. Cricket Elbow guards covers the elbow region and guards from impact of cricket balls. Cricket Elbow guards comes in two materials including Fabric elbow guard and Moulded elbow guard.
    • They come in sizes such as Men, youth, boys in brands like SS, SG, Legend and RNS. You can find various elbow guards here. 
  • Cricket Abdomen guards provides protection to the abdominal region from the impact of cricket balls. Cricket abdomen guards comes in two varities with strap and without strap.

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