Table Tennis, also called ping pong, is one of the popular games played all around the world. In this guide page, you can learn about the features of Table Tennis Racket, Table Tennis Rubber, Table Tennis Ply and Table Tennis Ball.

Table Tennis Rackets are commonly called Table Tennis bats. Table Tennis Rackets are called by various names in different parts of the world Such as Ping Pong racket and Table tennis paddles.

Table Tennis bats can be bought either readymade or customized.

  • Readymade Table tennis bats are used by beginners or for playing occasional table tennis.
  • Customized Table Tennis bats are used by professional players for competitive games.

All companies such as Butterfly, Stag, Stiga, GKI, Donic, Tibhar have ready to play rackets. For customized racket one has to buy ply separately and the rubbers separately based on type of game. Ready to play rackets fall in the range of Rs.500 - Rs.5000 approx. from a branded company. For customizable racket there is no such limit.

Table Tennis rackets can be selected based on the nature of game.

  • Defensive Rackets
  • Offensive Rackets

Defensive TT rackets do not allow to place the spin on the ball. Defensive TT bats reverse the type of spin put on the ball by your opponent. There are two types of defensive table tennis rackets. They are antispin and long pips.

  • Antispin table tennis rackets have a slick surface made of soft sponge. One cannot create spin on the TT ball using Antispin table tennis rackets.
  • Long pips table tennis rackets have longer, thinner pips than standard pips-out rackets. The texture of the paddle changes each time you hit the TT ball with a long pips TT racket, which may lead to unexpected shots for your opponent.

Offensive TT rackets have increased spin and accurate hitting, allowing for increased grip on the TT ball. These rackets allow you to make stronger offensive shots to win rallies. There are two types of attacking table tennis rackets. They are inverted and pips out.

  • Inverted table tennis rackets have a layer of rubber that has rows of small pimples, or pips. The pips face inward and create a flat surface that increases the amount of control on the TT ball.
  • Pips out table tennis rackets have the pips pointing outward, giving the racket a rough texture. A pips-out table tennis racket hits the TT ball harder but do not provide as much spin on the ball. 

Table Tennis rackets comprise of a wooden blade and rubber on both sides. Table tennis rackets usually weigh 75 to 95 grams approx.

Blade of a table tennis racket comprises of multiple layers of wood stacked together. Blade includes the handle. The TT blade consists of a flat paddle area for hitting the ball and a handle. The blade types vary depending on the style of play, including an attacking or offensive style, a defensive style or an all-around style. Each style has different types of wood and allows for varying levels of power and control over the ball.

Handle is technically considered a part of the blade. There are many types of handles that vary by shape, size, and even left/right orientation.

Rubber covers each side of the table tennis racket. Rubber is the outermost layer of the table tennis racket. The TT rubber must be black on one side of the racket and red on the opposite side. It allows the opposing player to easily determine the type of spin the player may place on the ball. Rubbers vary in thickness and pimple style.

Sponge is the material that goes on the inside of the rubber sandwich. Varying the thickness and material will change player game and depends on player’s personal preferences.

Glue is required on the rubber for Custom rackets. Different types of glue can affect the speed of the ball. Water-based glue is the preferred glue for table tennis rackets.

Sportskhel provides table tennis bats from authorized brands such as Butterfly table tennis rackets, GKI table tennis rackets, Stag table tennis rackets, Stiga table tennis rackets and Tibhar table tennis rackets.

Table tennis bat Grips can be classified into two, based on the players style. They are

  • Penhold grip
  • Shakehand grip

In Penhold grip, players hand is positioned as if user is holding a pen. Penhold forehand has more control due to the range of motion that the grip allows. There are two types of penhold grip which includes Chinese penhold Table tennis paddle and Japanese penhold Table tennis paddle. Penhold Paddles are not as popular on the international professional level.

In Shake hand grip, players hand is positioned as if player is shaking hands with another person. Shakehand Table tennis bat handles can be classified into three major types based on the players comfort and play style. Advantage of shakehand grip over penhold grip is the backhand play. Shakehand grips are commonly used by international players.

Three types of shake hand table tennis bat handles are

  • Anatomic Table tennis bat handles
  • Flared Table tennis bat handles
  • Straight Table tennis bat handles

Table Tennis Anatomic handle is shaped to fit perfectly in player’s palm. Anatomic Table tennis bat handle is recommended for larger hands. Table tennis Anatomic handles are relatively thick and allows a firm grip. Anatomic Table tennis handles have a bump in the center that fits the shape of player’s hand.

Table Tennis Flared handle lies firmly in player’s palm, yet it is relatively flexible. Table tennis flared handles prevent the blade from slipping. Flared Table tennis handles are thinner at the top than the bottom.

Table Tennis Straight handle emphasis on an active use of the wrist. Table tennis Straight handles supports every blade. Straight handles are made for defensive players and allow for rotating their TT bat. Straight table tennis handles have three shapes which includes Rounded, square and flat.

Different types TT brands have different convention for the same set of handles as explained above. You will also come across Table tennis handle types like Concave TT handles and Convex TT handles.

Ply is used to construct the Table tennis Blade. A TT blade usually contains five to seven layers. The fewer number of plies of wood means the more flexibility the table tennis racket has. Fewer ply increases control and decreases speed. Higher the number of plies of wood, the more stiff the TT paddle is, which increases speed and decreases control.

Thickness of TT blade have a greater effect. Thicker the blade, stiffer the blade. Thicker table tennis blade increases speed and decreases control. Thicker TT blades are used by players who are very offensive and do not make use of looping. Thinner TT blades provide more control to the player with slower speed.

Table Tennis Rackets can be classified based on the shape of blade head.

  • Round TT Blade
  • Square TT blade

Round Table tennis rackets have a larger sweet spot. Round table tennis rackets allow players to have a quicker attack. Round TT paddles allow for better blocking. Penhold table tennis racket with round heads are easier to switch from forehand to backhand.

Square Table tennis rackets are utilized only in Japanese Penhold TT racket. Square table tennis bats provide firmer grip. The sweet spot of the head gets pushed down further away from the table tennis handle. The lowered sweet spot get more power due to an increase velocity that results from the increased distance.

Thickness of TT blade have a greater effect. Thicker the blade, stiffer the blade. Thicker table tennis blade increases speed and decreases control. Thicker TT blades are used by players who are very offensive and do not make use of looping. Thinner TT blades provide more control to the player with slower speed.

Weight of TT blade has an immense effect on the performance of a ping pong paddle.

Lighter TT blade is easier for players to move their hand into position to strike the ping pong ball. With that additional speed, light paddles are great for players who play close to the table and thus need to get into position faster to utilize their wrist.

Heavier TT blade should be used by players who play further away from the table and need the extra weight to drive the ball the extra distance. Heavier blades allow for more control and improve the player’s ability to add spin to the TT ball. Heavier table tennis blade allows player to add more power to the TT ball.

Sportskhel provides Table tennis ply from authorized brands such as Adidas table tennis ply, Butterfly table tennis ply, GKI table tennis ply, Tibhar table tennis ply.

Table tennis rubbers can be divided into two major types.

  • Inverted TT rubber or Reverse TT rubber
  • Pips out TT rubber

Inverted Table tennis rubbers have a topsheet and a sponge and are usually sold glued together already. Inverted TT rubbers have pips facing inwards.

  • Anti-Spin TT rubbers are a special kind of inverted rubbers that have a high immunity to spin, and are generally very slow. Antispin Table tennis rubbers allow player to control the pace of the game and takes most of the spin out of the game.

Pimple TT Rubbers have pimples on the outside of the rubber. These types of rubbers are generally used to control or manipulate the spin in the game.

Pimple Table tennis rubber can be divided into three types. 

  • Short pimple TT rubbers are most suitable for hard hitting and quick speed. Short pips table tennis rubber generate less spin. Short pips TT rubber are popular with defensive, or combination bat players (player with very different types of rubbers on either side of the bat).
  • Medium pimple TT rubbers have more offensive potential but not the slow pace and spin manipulation ability compared to long pimples.
  • Long pimples TT rubbers are used to control incoming spin, making it easier to manipulate the spin by returning the opponent's spin. Long pips table tennis rubbers are quite slow and allows to change and control the pace of the ball.

 Table tennis Rubber can be divided based on players nature of game into three types.

  • Offensive TT rubbers generate high levels of speed for powerful strokes and high spin.
  • All-round TT rubbers generally have more control allowing you to play both an offensive and defensive style game.
  • Defensive rubbers are generally the slowest, allowing you to generate or manipulate the spin and control the pace of the game

Table Tennis Thin rubbers have a thickness of less than 1.3mm. Thin TT rubbers are generally used for control and defensive shots. Since the rubber is thin, it allows the wooden blade core to absorb much of the momentum, allowing for a more controlled return.

Table Tennis Medium rubbers have thickness between 1.4mm and 1.8 mm thick. Medium TT rubbers allow a good balance between control and offense. TT Medium rubbers are preferred by all-around players.

Table Tennis Thick rubbers have thickness greater than 1.9mm. Thick TT rubbers are used for offensive players who utilize immense spin and want to increase their power. Because of the TT rubbers thickness, elasticity allows it to act as a spring, thus propelling the ball back to the opponent. Thick table tennis rubbers have decreased level of control over the TT ball.

Sportskhel provides Table tennis rubbers from authorized brand such as Butterfly table tennis rubbers, GKI table tennis rubbers, Stiga table tennis rubbers, Tibhar table tennis rubbers, Yasaka table tennis rubbers.

Table tennis Balls are used vitally in TT games. Table tennis balls should be spherical in shape with diameter of 40mm. Table tennis balls are made of celluloid or plastics material. Each table tennis ball weigh 2.7g. The legal colours as said by the ITTF are white and orange. The TT ball colour chosen for a particular event or venue may be related to the background of the floors or walls.

Table tennis balls can be divided based on Star mentioned.

  • One star Table tennis balls
  • Two star Table tennis balls
  • Three star Table tennis balls

One star table tennis balls are used at school and youth clubs. One star table tennis balls are softer balls and are susceptible to breaking when hit hard.

Two star table tennis balls are suitable for use by improvers and can also be used in a robot for multi-ball practice. Two star table tennis balls are good enough substitute for three star balls in a non-match play.

Three star table tennis balls are the highest quality balls and are authorised by the International Table Tennis Federation. Three star table tennis balls are more durable. Three star Table tennis plastic balls are the only ones which can now be used in ITTF events.

Sportskhel provides Table tennis balls from authorized brands such as GKI table tennis balls, Stiga table tennis balls and Stag table tennis balls.

Table tennis Tables are the vital equipment for Table tennis game. They can majorly be divided into two such as foldable and non-foldable. If you have enough space then you can go for non-foldable ones. TT tables also come with wheels and without wheels. Majority of customers prefer foldable with wheels TT table. A Very good example for this is Stag Sleek table or Stag Club table. Table tennis tables come in various colors including blue color. Thickness of Table tennis tables play a major role. Thicker tables have more advantages over Thinner tables.

Various table tennis table thickness provided by sportskhel includes

  • 16mm
  • 18mm
  • 19mm
  • 25mm
  • 30mm

From price point of view as you go higher in price thickness of table increases and the leg structure becomes stronger and heavier. Sportskhel provides Table tennis tables from authorized brands such as Stiga table tennis tables and Stag table tennis tables.

You can shop for following brands on Sportskhel.

Racket: Butterfly TT Racket, GKI TT Racket, Stag TT Racket, Stiga TT Racket, Tibhar TT Racket

Ply: Adidas TT Ply, Butterfly TT Ply, GKI TT Ply, Tibhar TT Ply

Rubber: Yasaka TT Rubber, Butterfly TT Rubber, GKI TT Rubber, Stiga TT Rubber, Tibhar TT Rubber

Table: Stag TT Table, Stiga TT Table

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