Maintenance of Tennis Shoes

Tips for maintenance of tennis shoes:

  • Regular cleaning is a must, weekly washing and thorough drying will help to keep your tennis shoes clean.
  • Clean your tennis shoes immediately after getting them dirty
  • To increase the support of heel of your shoes always untie and loosen your laces before removing your shoes.
  • Deodorize your tennis shoes by sprinkling baking soda into the tennis shoes as that will absorb the moisture and helps preventing the smell or rubbing alcohol spray onto the tennis shoes is a very effective way to prevent the bad smell or regular spraying of anti-fungal foot spray into your tennis shoes prevents them becoming smelly.
  • Washing your tennis shoes in washing machine helps in letting go of the horrible smell but opt for warm water to wash the shoes.
  • Before washing, make sure to remove the laces and insoles out of your tennis shoes to prevent them from tangling up in the agitator.
  • After washing, put them out in the sun to dry.
  • For the longevity of your tennis shoes, it’s a good idea to use shoe cleaner such as Sport Shoe Stuff Scrub-Off Heavy Duty Cleaner.
  • Some washing liquid and liquid bleach can also be used for giving your tennis shoes a shiny look.
  • Always keep your tennis shoes in a dry, cool place.
  • Do not completely immerse the shoes in water for cleaning the shoes.

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