Maintenance of Running Spikes

Here are few tips for proper maintenance of running spikes:

  • Don’t put your running spikes in the washing machine and tumble drier.
  • To increase the support of heel of your shoes always untie and loosen your laces before removing your shoes.
  • Steps to clean your running spikes:
    1. Clean them by hand in warm soapy water.
    2. Gently use a brush or toothbrush on them to clean the spike plate.
    3. To dry them, stuff newspaper inside and leave them under a radiator or another semi-warm spot.
    4.  Avoid placing them on top of the radiator or in any direct heat.
  • After using your spikes on grass tracks or cross country, try to remove the excess mud and grass caught on the spikes straight away before putting them in your bag.
  • Remove the spikes regularly – even if you’re not changing lengths.
  • Use Vaseline on the spike threads if you notice any of the spikes feel a bit stiff to screw in.
  • For cross country, use the right length of spike for the course
  • Do not completely immerse the shoes in water for cleaning the shoes.

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