Maintenance of Football boots

Read the following tips and steps for maintenance of football boots in proper condition given below.


  • Do not completely immerse the shoes in water for cleaning the shoes.
  • To increase the support of heel of your shoes always untie and loosen your laces before removing your shoes.


  1. To remove grass and soil dirt in the shoes uses a stiff brush (Old Toothbrush).
  2. Use damp cloth to wipe out remaining traces of soil and dirt.
  3. If the boots are wet, stuff them with newspaper to absorb the moisture and prevent the leather shrinking as it dries.
  4. Leave the boots in an area with good air circulation, but away from any heat source.
  5. After the body of the boot has dried, remove the studs (if they are removable) and ensure the threads (both on the stud and inside the sole) are dry by wiping with a cloth. If your studs are metal, apply a light coat of grease to prevent rusting.
  6. A small amount of lubricant can be wiped onto the threads as well.
  7. Replace the studs, making sure not to over-tighten as this may strip the threads.

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