Preparation and Maintenance of a Volleyball

Find the following tips for preparation and maintenance of a Volleyball given below.

  • Volleyball as to be maintained under three general conditions, which includes proper use, correct inflation and cleaning.
  • Process to clean football:
  • Wet the cloth slightly with warm water and add laundry detergent a drop of it to the cloth.
  • In sections, scrub the outer layer by scrubbing one panel at a time.
  • In between the panels of the ball and along seams scrub by moistening a toothbrush with hot water and a drop of laundry soap.
  • Slightly wet a cloth with fresh and clear water to wipe the soap off.
  • Allow it to dry in air.
  • Rub a thin, even coating of conditioner onto the ball, this will help to clean the moisture and leave the ball uncrack over the time. Conditioning helps to restore to a former level of the ball.

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