Maintenance of a Dart Pins

The following tips for maintenance of a dart pins in good condition:

  • Use washing up liquid for cleaning dart pins.
  • Steps to clean dart pins:
    1. Use small container to hold barrels and liquid. Washing powder scoop will be an ideal container to use. In the container add 25ml washing up liquid. Then place the barrels into the liquid.
    2. Add 100ml water to the container and leave overnight. After that use toothbrush to clean the barrels if required.
    3. Then take out the darts and rinse with clean water and wipe them dry. Please note this process is not suitable for painted darts as the paint may get lifted, Golden darts also will get dull. Please do this under adult supervision if you are young of age.
  • Use the side of a non-painted steel tip dart point to polish and restore total shine to your dart.

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