Maintenance of a Cricket Batting Gloves

Follow the tips and steps for maintenance of a cricket batting gloves.


  • Don’t wash the glove in a washing machine.

Steps to clean your batting gloves:

  • To remove surface dirt, take the gloves to outdoor and shake it nicely. Put on the glove after shaking.
  • To get rid of dirt, scrub your glove with dry leather brush. After brushing, take the glove off and shake it out again.
  • In a bowl of lukewarm water mix two to three drops of hand dishwashing liquid. Suds should not be seen. You can also use commercial leather cleaner.
  • Dampen a sponge with the water and squeeze it out. If you are using commercial leather cleaner, saturate the sponge according to the package directions.
  • Put the glove on again and wipe it clean with the sponge. Use a gentle touch to avoid saturating the leather with water.
  • Rinse the sponge with plain water and squeeze it out. Wipe the glove again to remove any soap.
  • Clip the glove to a clothesline or hanger with clothespins. Hang the glove to dry outdoors or in front of an open window.
  • Apply leather conditioner to the dry glove according to the package directions.
  • Avoid using any liquid cleansers on gloves along with any cleansers that are oil-based.

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