Preparation and Maintenance of a Chess Board

Tips to maintain Chess board in good condition:

  • To preserve the finish of board and its overall structure maintain it in a moderate temperature and humidity.
  • Use a soft cloth or felt pad on your woodwork of the board to prevent it from scratches.
  • Use feather duster to dust the board so that scratches on board can be avoided or use soft damp cloth to wipe lightly to pick up the dust followed immediately with a dry cloth.
  • Thoroughly squeeze out the damp cloth such that it does not leave any visible moisture on the surface.
  • Do not wipe in circular motion, always wipe with long straight strokes so that swirl marks can be avoided. Wipe with the grain for natural wood finishes.
  • Use damp/dry cloth as above for dusting, so that smudges and fingerprints can be removed. Use damp cloth with small amount of mild soap solution if you feel more cleaning is necessary
  • Avoid lemon oil or inexpensive furniture polish for cleaning.

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