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Silver Sports (India) Pvt. Ltd, A professional Racket manufacturer was established in 1965.Their products include Badminton Rackets, Tennis Racket, Squash Racket and Shuttlecocks. They focus on making technologically advanced products for the continuous growth of the company, its performance and excellence in quality with competitive prices. All the products of their company are under strict production, so the quality and cost are controlled to the requirements of their clients.

  With extensive experience and improvement in technology, they are capable of providing more creative designs of rackets to their clients. Silver Sports are committed to attain, deliver, and maintain the highest standards of quality in their works, service and supplies so as, to achieve maximum possible customer satisfaction. Silver Sports is one of the leading manufacturers and exports of Badminton Rackets, Tennis Racket, Squash Racket and Shuttlecocks in India.

Manufactured products:

  • Badminton Rackets
  • Tennis Rackets
  • Squash Rackets
  • Shuttle Cocks




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Silver Sports (India) Pvt. Ltd, professional Racket manufacturer was Estd in 1965.

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