Butterfly ZL Carbon Amultart FL Table Tennis Ply

Butterfly ZL Carbon Amultart FL Table Tennis Ply

Butterfly Innerforce ALC Table Tennis Ply

Butterfly Innerforce ALC Table Tennis Ply

Butterfly Mizutani Jun ZLC FL Table Tennis Ply

Brand: Butterfly.
Product Type: Table Tennis Ply or Table Tennis Blade.
Blade Type: Offensive.
Blade: ZL-Carbon.
Size: Regular.
Handle Grip: Flare.
Standard Delivery: 5-7 business days.

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Product Description:

  • Jun Mizutani is top players of the Japanese national team and has multiples National Champion.
  • Butterfly has developed this quality and relatively light ZL Carbon blade in colobration with Jun Mizutani.
  • It takes place ZLC typically very dynamic and provides an excellent ball feedback, which provides additional control in variable offensive play.
  • The exciting new product ZL-CARBON has been developed as a result of an innovative technical approach which is a hybrid of previous versions of the racket blade.
  • ZL-CARBON is superior to all other kinds of material.
  • ZL Carbon is a woven combination of carbon fibre and ZL fibre; carbon fibre has a high reaction level and the ZL fibre provides strength, elasticity, and lightness.
  • ZL Carbon, the super fibre, gives the blade a high level of performance.
  • Class: OFF.
  • Plies: 5W+2ZLC.
  • Weight: 90g~.
  • Blade Thickness: 5.7.
  • Blade Size: 157x150mm.
  • Handle Size: 100x24mm.
  • Butterfly Mizutani Jun ZLC FL Table Tennis Ply is made in Japan.

Product Features:

Product name

Mizutani Jun ZLC

Brand name


Blade type


Handle grip






Technical Details:





Blade Thickness


Blade Size


Handle Size


*Dimensions mentioned are approximate values.

  • Plies - Plies refers to the number of layers of wood/composite material in the blade.
  • Weight - Weight is the mass of equipment.
  • Consistency - Consistency is how consistent the product is. Lower quality control many produce lower consistency.

International Delivery:

  • This product is available for international delivery. Add the product to the shopping cart, choose country and zip code to find out delivery charges.

  • Please note that you are liable for all duties, taxes, CESS or any other charges levied (if any) by the destination country in which goods are shipped, to take delivery.

Warranty and Support:

No warranty is provided on the product by the manufacturer or Sportskhel.com as table tennis ply are subjected to wear & tear.


  • Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.
  • TT ply handle color varies due to natural shade of wood.
  • Lifespan of a table tennis ply depends upon usage.

Return Policy:

No return policy. Please refer terms & conditions for more information.

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Preparation and Maintenance of a Table Tennis Ply:

Tips to maintain Table Tennis Ply in good condition:

  • Keep your racket in a cool place away from heat
  • You can use a wet napkin or wet wipe to clean the surface of your racket but it is best to use a table tennis racket cleaner. You can also use plain water to wash the surface of the inverted rubbers and clean it with a soft towel or foam.
  • Use table tennis racket cover to protect the racket.
  • Use edge tapes to protect the edges of the racket from getting damaged from the sides.

Cautions for Handling:

Please pay attention to the following points when you handle this blade:

  • If you apply excessive force on the blade, it might be broken.
  • If you drop the blade or crash it against the table, it might be cracked.
  • The surface veneer of the blade might peel off when you remove the rubber too quickly. Remove it slowly and with a plenty of care.
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